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A set system of CD PLAYER AND DAC







Information of MC9018-DSD DA

1.The player has multiple functions such as blue tooth receiver and can easy establish connections with mobile phone, PC, PAD.

2.With different physical input selections such as optical, coax, I2S(DSD),BNC, USB and Bluetooth.

3.The player offers the choice of RCA and balanced output. The RCA output is based on a valve circuit and offers decoding at different sampling rates for your taste.

4.The valve output is stocked with Russian EH6922 tubes & Jensen capacitors.

5.The Power for the Digital & Analogue circuit is separated. We use two high quality “R” shaped copper shielded transformers with 5 pairs voltage stabilizer. The filter capacitors in the circuit are made in England by NOVER and audiophile grade electrolytic capacitors.

6.The decoding circuit is furnished with the highly acclaimed DAC Sabre ESS 9018 IC.

7.The USB module is imported from Italy and supports different standards such as DSD64, 128, 256, 512 format. This PCM is capable to support decoding at the 32bit level at a frequency of 384 Khz which is the highest level in home entertainment.

8. The remote control operates the display screen (off and on), input selection, volume, phase selection and band-width selection. The volume control is separated in 128 levels in steps of 0.5 dB.

9. The LPF in decoding circuit is composed of 6 pcs of American NS branded LME49710 single operation amplifier.

10. Two 6E2 cat-eye tubes visualize the output level.
11. This unit can be utilized as preamplifier.

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