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Harmonic distortion: 0.002%
Signal to noise ratio: 113dB
dynamic range: 116dB.
Frequency:10Hz - 35KHz ±0.2dB
digit audio output amplitude: 1.0V
valves: RUBY 12AU7 x2
Net size:61L×53W×44H(cm)
Size of outer carton:L50 x W37 x H24(cm)



Function and characteristics:

1.multifunction:In addition to a built in HDD it supports USB, SD Card

2.Intuitive tree like file catalogue and search engine for music files via on screen Display, supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.

3.DAC AK4396VF with the dynamics range of 120db and 24bit/192K The AK4396 is a high performance stereo DAC for the 192kHz sampling mode of DVD-Audio including a 24bit digital filter. Using AKM's multi bit architecture for its modulator the AK4396 delivers a wide dynamic range while preserving linearity for improved THD+N performance. The AK4396 has full differential SCF outputs, removing the need for AC coupling capacitors and increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The AK4396 accepts 192kHz PCM data and 1-bit DSD data, ideal for a wide range of applications including DVD-Audio and SACD. The AK4396 has a fully functional compatibility with the AK4393/4/5 and lower power dissipation.

4.The high capacity hard disk can store thousands of CD music file. Well, really like a storage for home music.

5.The player supports a variety of audio formats such as WAV, ape(including cue), flac, mp3, wma, aac, alac. Ogg and many more

6. Via the player’s USB-PC interface, end user can copy music to the built in HDD

7. The player is equipped with a coaxial digit output and a pair of analogue stereo audio output.

8: The valves: in spirit of pursuing perfectness, we use two units of American Ruby 12AU7 as analogue audio output. The high quality transformers were designed inhouse regardless of the cost to minimize interference by the digital circuit. The power supply circuit uses multistage filtering and power stabilization to achieve a high signal to noise ratio for the analogue circuit as well as to amplify weak signals without interference from noisy power sources.

9. The case for the player is made from 6 to 8mm thick aluminum giving the player an elegant appearance as well ensuring good shielding and mechanical decoupling.

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