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Output Power: 8W*2 Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Sensitivity: 250mv Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: 1% Signal-to-Noises: 88dB
Power Dissipation: 120W Inputs: 4 Pairs
Outputs: 2 Pairs Frequency: 20Hz - 30KHz±1dB
Vacuum Tubes: Psvane/full music300B *2,Ruby 12AU7*2, Ruby 12AX7*2, 5U4G*x1
Voltage: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Size of outer carton: L51 x W45 x H36 (cm) gross weight: 24kg

This is a 20th anniversary edition Ming Da amplifier from the Mei xing factory. It combines the outside beauty of the our aluminium chassis with the inside good quality and shows the extraordinary high fidelity sound. Using the proven 300B triodes in the class A output stage, this amplifier can drive sensitive speakers of at least 90dBm with the aplomb of everything that is HiFi!


Review from a Japanese customer who enjoys MC300-A:

I had a talk with Audio Studio (Mingda distributor in Japan)many times to buy the amplifiers. Today it is my holiday, So I powered on the amplifer which I got and tried to listen to the music with new amplifer. I listened to the Beethoven Piano and found that Piano sound energy is rich compaied with my old amplifire. The piano stay at the center middle and the middle range of the sound was very nice.

I ever got another amplifier from Audio Studio before but MC300-A is surely higher class amplifer. female vocal is much better than another 300B amplifier. This amplifer is very good for Piano sound. The price is also very attractive and sound will be getting better by aging(burning in).

May, in Fukui Japan, MC300-A, Mr. YK.

The original review is:

今回はアンプの件で大変お世話になりました今日は休日だったのでエージング後、早速試聴しました試聴したCDは園田 高弘のベートーベンピアノソナタNo21(ワルトシュタイン)です音出しの瞬間に今までのアンプと比べ明らかにピアノの低域から高域にかけてのエネルギー差を感じました平面的な音ではなく中央に定位し、少し前に出た感じがしますまた中音域に嫌みがないのに驚きました!


5月 福井県 YKさん MC300-A





    ---- Adapted from HI-FI WORLD August 2013



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