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Power Output:40W×2 (Class A)
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Input Voltage: 320mv
Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤1%
Frequency: 16Hz - 32KHz±1dB
Signal-to-Noises: 86dB
Inputs: 4 pairs
Outputs : 2 pairs
Power Dissipation: 340W
Vacuum Tubes: 805×2, Psvane300B-N x 2, Russian 6H8C x 2, Russian 6H9C x 2
Net Size : W46×D47×H29(cm)
Net Weight : 40 Kg





The meter in front of panel


The nice anodising finish of the front panel


The alluminium knobs for the VOLUME and INPUT


The RCA and speaker terminals at the rear of the amp




MC3008-A5 in the customer's house


MC3008-A5 amplifier with Focal speakers


MC3008-A5 amplifier and Mingda MC2016-LP phono stage in customer'a audio system





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