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Specification of MC300-ASE
Output Power 8W〜2 Output Impedance 4Ω, 8Ω
Input Voltage 300mv Input Impedance 100K
Distortion Factor +1% Signal-to-Noises 93dB
Power Dissipation 205W Inputs 4 pairs
Outputs 2 pairs Frequency 18Hz - 30KHz\1dB
Vacuum Tubes (Psvane)300B〜2,Mingda exclusive)6SN7〜2,6P3〜2,(Psvane)274B〜2
Net size W43〜D34〜H22(cm) gross weight: 34Kg


The review of MC300-ASE in HI-FI CHOICE magazine Download here



Performance of MC300-ASE from a user of this amp:

This amp (Ming Da MC300-A SE) is an amazing product, it looks 1000 times better than the picture, especially when turned on, with the nice light-blue glowing VU meter. It's really well assembled, with precision and good material. With jazz music the swing and the rythm feeling are really evident, and the energy of the moment of the musicians comes out the speakers. Even old recordings sound more elegant and complete in term of tone coherence, air among instruments, stage depth. It is incredible how sometimes I can be surprised by hearing some detail that sounds really live, or it seems so out the speakers, and this realism makes me jump on my armchair when I hear these natural effects! It's easy to hear things you've never heard before on your well-known CDs. Instruments always appear separate from each other so it's easy and natural to follow every theme, every bass phrase, every piano chord, every cello or violin score in a quartet or orchestra. This helps in recreating a concrete and natural stage with great depth and height, and relaxing listening sessions. It is not true that 300B single ended amps have no bass, this one always presents very low frequencies, controlled and fast but not too much dry. The rest of the frequency range is so musical and perfectly balanced. The hum caused by the direct-heated triodes is so low, impossible to hear during music listening. It is possible to hear it just without input signal with ear next to the woofer, that is much better than other amps. All these great characteristics comes with an amplifier that costs a quarter than its true material and sonic value, and are able to make you feel shiver and taste the true emotional aspects of music.


Another review from a Japanese customer who enjoys MC300-ASE:

A few days ago I have received the amplifier, which was packed in a carton box beautifully and made me feel that it is a high-end audio amplifier.

I bought MC300-ASE. I kept it power-on for an hour for heating up and then started listening to the music.

The first 2 hours, the sound is not fully beautiful but for a while the sound was getting better and better.

So far, I used Triode company(Japanese company) amplifire 35SE(tube amplifier) but was thinking that I used to want higher spec.amplifier than 35SE. At that time I had a chance to listen to another transistor amplifier costed USD3500/unit(very high price) but the 35SE(tube amplifire) was better than this USD3500 transistor amplifier.

However I guessed that the Triode company' amplifier was not good enough in comparison with the real music concert. So I checked another better amplifier by internet and finally reached the MingDa products being sold by Audio Studio Corp. I got it and started listening music for the last 6 hours. It was really amaizing and wonderful.

I have never listened to such sound like this before. All of the music instruments are expressed clearly. I was surpried at CD sound because I found for the first time that CD contains such a rich sound. Record disk also contains richer music information than I thought.

From small orchestra to big orchestra, the sound is very good and felt the lower frequency sound is a little weak but all of the sound is very clear with good separation. Jazz is also great. I believe the aging will make the sound better.

Pops music is also good enough. If a poor singer is singing the song, the amplifier will make it clear. The poor singer can not make it up under the operation of this amplifier as it can show the details and everything.

In a classic music, the sound of violin is very good. The Triode company's amplifier can also perform it well but was not good as MingDa can do. It was the best-buy. I ever listened to the real high-end amplifiers but MingDa amplifier exceeds it in sound.

I should forget the amplifier made in Japan as the price is higher. I could come to know very good amplifier this time, so no need to look for another one. The battery in the remote controller was out of use already when I bought it. But this does not matter.

January 2013, Hokkaido Japan, MC300-ASE, Mr. O.






書まで、Triodeの 35SEをパワ`アンプとして聞っていました。そのr、ランクが貧のアンプがほしいと、アキュフェ`ズの35嵐殻業のアンプをきましたが、TriodeのR戞U羶婢椒▲鵐廚亙峽鼎擦覆い福って房いました。




富し耕い湖じがしますが、これはエ`ジングで犁笋錣襪任靴腓Α ポップスは階吉伏な咄になります。和返な梧返はあら冥しが竃栖ます。貧返な梧返はしっかりきzめますね。


晩云uはIえないですね。書指はありがとうございました。殆這らしいアンプに竃氏えたので、しばらくアンプはIいQえないと房いますが、またC氏があれば頁掲おいいたします。 リモコンの学は、仟瞳のようですが、学俳れでした。櫃砲靴討い泙擦鵑里粘黎彪鬚任垢匯鬉鷂罎任坑

2013定 1埖 臼今祇 MC300-ASE O


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