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Output Power: Ultralinear 75W×2
Triode 40W×2
Output Impedance: 4Ω、8Ω
Distortion Factor: ≤1% Signal-to-Noises: 93dB
Outputs: 2 Groups Inputs: Integrated: 4Groups
Power Amplifier:1Groups
Frequency: 10Hz-60KHz ±1dB Sensitivity: 200mv(Integrated)
1000mv(Power Amplifier)
Vacuum Tubes: EL34×8、6SN7×2、 12AT7×2
Size of outer carton: L55 x W48.5 x H39(cm) gross weight: 27.5

MC34-AB can be used a basic amplifier or integrated amplifier in triode or ultra linear mode and it is with a remote controller.

The MC34-AB has an outboard power supply which delivers high current against a dead quiet background.This detached“Power supply” consists of two upgraded oxygen free hand wound copper transformers that connect to the amplifier via two high quality 8 pin cables.

The MC34-AB can be used as an integrated amp or, with a flip of a switch, turn into a basic amp for use with a preamp. The MC34-AB can also be placed in Triode mode, where its power is reduced to 40 watts per channel or in ultralinear mode for the conservative 75 watts per channel.

Sound performance:
Bass: Deep wide bass without tube “mud” in the mid to lower bass. Able to drive inefficient speakers to loud levels with ease and low distortion.

Mids: Liquid, transparent and warm. Pushes midrange out into the room where it blooms in the center stage. Does not carry midrange to the “nth” degree like 805 / 845 amps. Highly musical in this area.

Highs: The highs meld into the midrange nicely without upper midrange glare to screechy presentation. Presents an airy, light high end.

Dynamics: Dynamics held their own with difficult to drive speakers like electrostats or Maggies. Improves significantly in basic amp mode with a preamp.

Air around instruments: Outstanding - correctly places instruments and vocalists in the sound stage with ambiance and air.

Body and Weight: Placed significant body around instruments as it suspended them in mid air. The weighting was above average and especially hefty with the Tung Sols.

Warm/Cold: Characteristically warm tube sound – but does not interfere with sound stage body, weight, resolution or transient response.

Imaging / Sound Stage: Varies widely with tube selection in order: Treasure, Genalex, EH, Tung Sol (The KT120 being the best, Genalex close second, EH and Tung Sol tied)

Resolution / Detail: Outstanding – as it ranks with other amps in this category of acting like a “pass through” amplifier letting reviewers see the difference in DACs and CD players.

Value: Very musical and powerful tube amplifier with excellent resolution capabilities. You can select a variety of tube configurations where the amp changes its persona “chameleon –like” depending on tube configurations. (See Tube Righteousness) Highly recommended.


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