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output power:110W x 2(ultra linear), 50W x 2(triode)
output impedance:4Ω,8Ω
outputs:2 pairs
inputs:integrated 3 pairs, power: 1 pairs.
frequency range:18Hz~55KHz
input sensitivity:200mv(integrated),1000mv(power)
high quality tubes:USA TUNG-SOL KT120 x 4,TUNG-SOL 6SL7 x 2, (Exclusive)6SN7 x 2
Net size: W43 x D43 x H22cm.
Net weight:30KG.


Review of MC368-B5 in HI-FI WORLD magazine DOWNLOAD






Here are the impressions of André from Martinique:

This amp (MC368-B5 amplifier) is a real high-end product. It is extremely precise and manage to fly with precision and finesse my speakers MAGNAT 1005, which are 92 db. The flavor is absolutely delicious stamps and notes are attacked like wildfire. This amp is really recommend to anyone who wants a rugged and reliable, with stamps rights and warm but strict. The feeling of space and depth is very real. It makes you want rehearing these discs without weariness. Congratulations Mingda. The pictures are attached Best regards !!


A review from our customer from USA:

I have been looking for a tube amplifier which can produce both sweat sound on vocals and powerful enough for my B&W 604 S2 speakers on symphonies. Those with 300B tube can produce sweat vocals but its output hardly for my speakers. EL34 is a traditional choice but not warm enough on its sound. KT88 and KT90 have power but lack of high frequency and details. My struggling finally ended when I got MC368-150 Integrated Tube Amplifier from Meixing. It has 4 Tung-Sol KT150 tubes and rated 150 W per channel. I tested it with all types of music: from strings, vocal to orchestra and symphony. Know what- it covers full sonic range blended with great balance and delivers clarity and definition. Even set at only 10 clock position, its sound?stage is wide, deep and three dimensional: Lush strings touching chord, breathtaking bass is sharp, clean and articulate, solo voices standing out strong into my ears. Its power brings the orchestra into my 400 sq ft studio in full. When I push it to really loud, no distortion at all. I also noticed that this amplifier itself weighs 66 lbs with elegant design and engineering making you could only find in German-made products. It is clearly a differentiator from other China-made amplifiers. Outstanding, is the only word for this MC368-150 amplifier. If you are a serious about experiencing incredible sound reproduction, then your search ends with this magnificent amplifier- it produces an unparalleled three-dimensional sound stage you've never heard before. No exaggeration, period.



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