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Output Power: 25W×2 Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Input Voltage: 300mv Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤0.9% Signal-to-Noises: 88dB
Power Dissipation: 350W Inputs: 4 pairs
Outputs: 2 pairs Frequency: 15Hz - 25KHz±1dB
Vacuum Tubes: 845×2, Psvane300B×2,TUNG-SOL 6SL7×2, Exclusive 6SN7×2
Net Dimension: 48L×38W×25H(cm) net weight: 36kg

Our famous Ming Da 845 based amplifiers have always been enjoyed by many audiophiles. Their simple yet classical circuitry, along with “in house” developed, hand wound power and output transformers matched with carefully selected components show very high level of quality that offers audiophiles a natural sound. These Ming Da amplifiers offer stunning dynamics and very deep sound stage and make you feel like that you are in wonderland of music!    

The anniversary edition MC845-C12 uses exquisite materials, highly developed circuitry and rigorous mechanical structural design with a proven manufacturing technique. The new chassis is with a thickness of 6mm aluminium and was processed by our Japanese CNC machining center.    

The power transformers are placed within metal shielding which protects them from any external EMI from outside equipment. This amplifier has a well decoupled, high-performance power supply system. We have now further improved onion shaped 6SN7 along with the Psvane300B driver. These tubes/valves are very popular among audiophiles as well as the fabulous new Tung Sol 6SL7 tube/valve.

Regarding the circuitry, we use the warm-up time for the heaters only and then a standby switch for the HT voltage to prolong the life of the tubes and in the long term save on running costs.    

Sound of MC845-C12 is pure, natural and with good dynamics. Since MC845-C12 has a high power output, it has great driving potential power and superb loudspeaker control.    

The treble is clear and soft and with fine penetration and nice harmonic performance. The mid range is clean, clear and accurate and with real sense of conviction, the bass is deep, clear and offers a strong rhythm.    



After many years of listening devices "solid state", led by the enthusiastic comments of some friends, I started to consider replacing my very old Sansui amp with a vacuum tube amp.

I have a decent collection of vinyl, but I also like to listen “liquid music”, especially Chillout and Lounge, through a music server connected to the Internet and to a large NAS.

After you have drawn much information as possible on the Net and have seen the prices, almost impossible, to well-known brands, I started to consider amplifiers manufactured by small local companies, but did not convince me the lack of care in crafting.

At first I never had considered buying an amplifier built in China, mostly because of the poor reputation of some products of this nation.

Then I found an Italian site where, for the first time, I heard about Ming-Da and its products, its seriousness and care in crafting.

I then contacted via email directly (unfortunately do not have any representation in the country where I live). I asked many questions and I was answered with extreme competence and courtesy.

After some initial uncertainty about the amp model, my choice fell on a massive built-MC845-C12 25W Pure Class A. Choice dictated by the type of valves used (845 and 300B Full Music).

From the first moments after the arrival of the amplifier, I realized that extreme care Ming-Da poses in the creation and delivery of its products. An accurate and efficient packaging so I had never even seen in the products of the most famous brands.

I quickly connected the tube amp to my system. The assembly instructions were detailed, pre-calibrated valves and everything was perfect.

After a few minutes from the speakers started to flow a warm and enveloping music. Nothing to do with the dry tones of the transistor. Listening to well-known songs it was hard to recognize it; sound details that for years I was lost now came to light, filled the room and granted the song all its original completeness.

Since that first time several days have passed and I do not finish to amaze me.

Even compressed and songs with obvious losses (MP3) become not only listenable, but most recover what has been taken away from them. Listening to music in "lossless" and even more directly from vinyl, precision and definition of the MC845-C12 become truly impressive.

Of course, the eye wants its part ... The MC845 C12 is aesthetically nice with its plexiglass cover that enhances the luminescence of large valves. No superfluous control, excellent rear connectors and precise controls front and, not to forget the present time, a comfortable, minimalist remote control entirely in thick aluminum.

What else ... nothing ...

The music that the MC845-C12 gives describes the amp better than any review.





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