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Power Output:
845 tubes:25W×2 (CLASS A)
211 tubes:18W X 2 (CLASS A)
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Input Voltage: 300mv
Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤0.9%
Frequency: 15Hz - 25KHz±1dB
Signal-to-Noises: 86dB
Inputs: 4 pairs
Outputs : 2 pairs
Power Dissipation: 360W
Vacuum Tubes: 845×2, Psvane 300B-N x 2, Exclusive 6SN7 x 2, Russian 6H9C x 2
Net Size : W46×D47×H29(cm)
Net Weight : 40 Kg


This stunning new amplifier from Ming Da offers the choice of both 845 and 211 directly heated triode output tubes, driven by the traditional 300B. With this combination you can enjoy the tremendous vigour of the sound stage, strong dynamics, passion and joy, along with the tension of the rhythm. The 845 with 211 in this amp are easily swapped to make the most of the detailed overtones, natural sound and clear transparency.

Within the amplifier we use the coupling and electrolytic capacitors parts that are French SCR and Japanese Nichicon branded. All of our transformers are made using Japanese Z9 laminations and high quality oxygen-free copper wire with Ming Da exclusive in house skills to ensure the reproduction of sound stage and fidelity.

The amp is supplied with a rugged and robust controller which machined from solid aluminum.




Switch for 845 and 211 tubes. Red HV botton for protecting tubes.


The meter in front of panel


The nice anodising finish of the front panel


The RCA and speaker terminals at the rear of the amp









The 845 is more powerful with a deeper bass and sound stage, a higher density and better immersion. Yet the 211 tube which is known for a sweeter treble, actually offers more detail along with a warmer and rounded sound. However, regarding the power and the bass, 211 has less than more powerful 845. The balance, dynamics and the control and the tempo of two tubes are far beyond the words that we can express. They always keep the sound style of Ming Da, fast but not harsh. You can hear the silky, smooth treble and even the breath of a violist when he is playing. The vocals are sweet and natural with firm and accurate bass.


The processing and transparency and density and tempo of Ming Da amps are indeed far better than the other branded valve amps in the market. When playing a piano solo, you can feel the sound is round and transparent with shining overtones filling your room along with a warmth of natural colour.
The detail and the sound texture and vibration of a hammer is very clear, fast and vivid with a wide range of dynamics which can compete with some famous brands of solid state amps.
But the MC845-C211 is a tube amp, it can however express the sweetness and softness of a female singer's vocal to the maximum. The orientation, fullness of sound stage, tempo and control along with the powerful bass and vivid sound is much better than solid state amps.



The swapping of 845 and 211 tube in an amp, is a hard nut to crack. It is already difficult to make an amp with just 845 or 211 tubes. But to make an amp reliable with an easily swapped 845 and 211 tubes, is not a simple matter and so not many manufacturers are willing offer this feature. However, Ming Da has done it successfully! Therefore it gives customers an amp, that makes them feel that they, in fact have two amps in one, thus providing a greater flexibility as well as a lot fun for the owner.

Ming Da amplifiers are good at power and dynamics with natural warmth. The MC845-C211 amp inherits these characteristics of Ming Da. Compared with other brands of amp, this is powerful, grand and with a better extended sound stage. If you prefer amps with this type, then MC845-C211 is a good choice. Beside, you can enjoy two tubes different taste in one amp. The powerful and passion of the 845, the softness and detail of the 211, two music tastes can be choices for you.





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