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Side view of MC-211 power amps




The rear of MC-211 power amps


Alluminium feet with the rubber to prevent vibration


Output Power: 18W Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Input Voltage: 900mv Input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤1% Signal-to-Noises: 89dB
Outputs: 2 Pair Inputs: 1Pair
Frequency: 18Hz - 25KHz±1dB    
Vacuum Tubes: 211×1, 300B×1, 12AX7×1, 12AU7×1
Size of outer carton: L65 x W36 x H45(cm) x2 gross weight: 25kg x2

MC-211 is a pair of impressive and remarkable valve amplifiers. When we reviewed our domestic products before, we usually did not dare to compare our products with those in world powers. Even though we did have great products, the wording/diction that we used to review the products was vague and non distinctive. However, this MC-211 gives us courage to say that it is the domestic valve amplifiers can be at the same level with those high class valve amplifiers in the world.

Some review adapted from HIGH FIDELITY 2012.6


Customer's audio system: Mingda MC-7R, MC300-PRE preamp and MC-211 power amp

A review from the customer:

Mingda amplifiers-- A warm and sweet sound!

After much consideration, I made my mind up to purchase Mingda amplifiers to upgrade my existing system. What I purchased is the Mingda MC300-PRE pre-amp and its sister MC-211 mono block power amplifiers. These amplifiers are Class A single ended, using the three most famous directly heated triodes: 2A3 (smooth and detailed), 300B(elegant and sweet), 211(warm and mellow). It’s just so rare that these valves are all brought together in one amplifier, and yet the price is so reasonable. The quality of components used by Mingda and the sound reproduced can definitely compete head on, with amplifiers made in Europe and America.

When I played the track “It could Happen To You” from the Jazz Queen, Diana Krall, my heart shouted spontaneously “Yes! Yes! This is the natural and real sound of Diana!”
My speakers were given a new life by the MC300-PRE and MC-211's. The sound stage came alive and was picturesque! This is far beyond my expectation, you never tire of the mellow voice of Diana Krall and the euphonic Jazz from these amps!

The “Thank you for your love” of Chen Guo, it's sweet and sentimental sound, made it unforgettable for me.

The “Lover’s Care” and “You Are in My Heart” from Teresa Teng are full of details and gorgeous. I was moved by the sound and got that tingling feeling from the deep within my heart.

For the track of “Tears of Lovers” and the “Forgotten Times” by Tsai Chin, her magnetic, vibrant, impassioned and sentimental sound was fully presented and exploited by these amps! There is loss of top of detail from the vocals of the MC-211! A Classic!

With the Ducks Quacking and Drum Poetry of Yim Hok-Man, the details are very clear and transparent, especially the striking of cymbals was so lifelike and vivid, just like they were playing in front of you. The drum sound is thunderous and dynamic, this is the charm of MC-211 mono blocks!

The Habanera Fantasia from Carmen is grand and gorgeous!

And if you prefer fast and strong beat track, you may have a listen to “Megadeth” which is rock and heavy metal music. You can hear the drum coming at you rapidly, and you feel overwhelmed, you will definitely get the urge to dance following its tempo which is really exciting! Cool!

In Summary, the sound of MC300-PRE and MC-211 is clear, transparent, dimensional, sweet, mellow and detailed, with a touch of excitement. I was attracted by and addicted to it's sound. I will never tire of this simple elegant joy of sound reproduction!

Life is too Short, make time to listen to Valve Sound.....



Mingda MC-7R preamp with MC-211 mono blocks in customer's house

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