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Output Power: 100W Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Input Voltage: 1000mv Iutput Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤0.8% Signal-to-Noises: 88dB
Power Dissipation: 320W Inputs: 1pair
Outputs: 2 pairs Frequency: 10Hz - 65KHz±1dB
Vacuum Tubes: 845BSE×2  300B×2 6SN7×2
Size of outer carton: L64 x W52 x H54 (cm) x2 gross weight: 41.5kg x2


RENAUD DE VERGNETTE TRIANGLE is the founder of the renown HIFI speaker brand-TRIANGEL. This French entrepreneur is a connoisseur and lover of music. Since 1980? he has developed and produced high class HIFI speakers which are used by audiophiles in the whole world. He retired in 2008.

In his private music room in 2009, he gave the journalist an interview and said “after I got retired, I will build myself a new villa and it is also a good opportunity to make my dreams come true which is to build a perfect music hall. I will use this music hall with 70 square meters to be the center of my home. And other rooms will be around this music hall. This place will be for the enjoyment of music, also it is a place for life, relaxation and a good place for entertain relatives and friends.”

In his career, Renaud De Vergnette had good opportunities to experience a lot of high class audio amplifiers, such as MEMORY07, AILLION, TE60SE and many more. In nowadays he loves valve amplifiers, in particular the Chinese brand MING DA . He uses a pair of mono block power amplifiersMC300845-AB to drive his TRIANGLE speakers MAGELLAN (91DB/1W/1M). The MC300845-AB power amplifier use 845 valves as output, 300B as push/driving. The power is rated at 75W AB CLASS. Beside, he uses a pair of MING DA 845-AB to drive the bass . The MC845-AB uses a pair of 845 tubes and 6SN7 tubes and the output reaches 84W in AB class.

The journalist’s opinion is that this is an airtight setup, giving no opening to attack and it is a perfect match. This huge high class sound system creates a warm feeling in the listener. The sound from the speakers is so beautiful and the volume is so wide, yet, it is soft like in water. The midrange and treble is like climbing mountains. The deep and taut bass makes you feel so comfortable. Though we sit in front of speakers near 10 meters, we can still sense every detail of the soft and clean and natural music.

This high class audio system is like a Gran Turismo that drives on the French highway-gorgeous, modern, comfortable, and peaceful and with super speed.

Reneaud De Vergnette told the journalist that what he pursuit is not volume but the NATURAL AND TRUE music.


boss of Triangle speaker on the left and our customers in France


Another review from HONGKONG magazine Audiophile:

It is a no-brainer if you would like to know what a real quality standard we set for a valve amplifier. You can just play a your favorite top quality record to feel the emotion and sense of the vocals, the overtones and transparency from violin and cello. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of jazz recording. Then you can listen the chorus of Carmina Burena absorb the grandness and magnificence of orchestral music.

If a valve amplifier can stand these tests, then no matter where it is produced, how much it is, it is the valve amplifier that should be recommended strongly to everyone! When I saw the MC300845-AB and heard the consummate performance of all the sounds, I slapped the table and shouted bravo!! In this world, are there any other valve amplifier factories who are clever enough and so skilled that they can produce such elegant and grand valve amplifiers, with such elegant sounds and at such a low price? If these amplifiers were produced by foreign factories, the selling price would be at least be eight or ten times than this factory's offerings.

------ adapted from editor named Chen Yingguang’s review in the HONGKONG magazine AUDIOPHILE.



Mingda MC300845-AB mono blocks in customer's audio system



Mingda MC2A3 Preamp and MC300845-AB mono blocks with B&W speakers in customer's house





MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC300845-AB mono blocks with Dali Helicon 400MKII


MC300845-AB mono blocks in Italian musician's house




Mingda products, including MC300845-AB mono blocks in Russian Show


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