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Mingda Psvane WE 212 valve amplifiers.










Output Power: 35W Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Distortion Factor: ≤0.8% Signal-to-Noises: 88dB
2 Pairs
Inputs: 2 Pairs
Frequency: 18Hz~25KHz±1dB input Impedance: 100KΩ
Vacuum Tubes: 212 x1 (JJ)ECC83x1 (EH)6H30 x1
Net Dimension: W43 x D43 x H86 (cm) net weight:

60kg/one channel

MC998-DW Mono block amplifier was launched in November 2012 and has been patented in Peoples Republic of China, and the patent NO. is 201230601303.0

A. MC998-DW is a mono block power amplifier with each channel having its own separately housed power supply unit. The lower part of the mono block is the power supply, with the amplifier housed in the upper unit, to further reduce any unwanted hum and noise. They are connected together by the well insulated and sturdy interconnects.

B. The chassis has a thickness of 8mm made from imported 6061 aluminium alloy and processed by our CNC machining center. The surface of chassis is brushed and anodized. The protective covers and the upper top cover for the amplifier is made of imported acrylic, thus components and the quality of workmanship inside can clearly be seen within the unit.

C. The accurate power and voltage meters are custom made in Taiwan, China. The Loud Speaker sockets at the rear of the amplifier are made from pure Copper with Rhodium plating and are also specially made for us in Taiwan.

D. The circuit design for the circuitry is simple, stable, safe and above all reliable.

E. We use high quality components in these mono blocks: Japanese Z11 silicon steel sheet, for the laminations along with oxygen-free copper wire for the handcrafted E.I. transformers.
The tubes/Valves are the best possible reproductions of the Western Electric 212, along with Russian EH30, JJ 12AX7's. We use Jensen coupling capacitors,with Philip's high voltage electrolytic capacitors together with American and Japanese made resistors,silver wire and high quality lead-free solder. The soldering is completed by our highly skilled workers, each with at least 10 years of service and training within our factory.

F. The sound of MC998-DW astonishes listeners with like no other amplifier with its natural sound and full detailed resolution. The treble is fine, smooth and sweet, the mid-range is full of stereo sound and clear imaging with a stunning sound stage. The bass is superior, accurate, deep, dynamic, clear and smooth.

Many audiophiles were amazed at the performance of MC998-DW and were even unwilling to leave our showroom in Guangzhou AV Show !! Some of them said “this is the really sound from heaven”.

The standard dimension for each amp and power supply is 43cm(W)*43cm(D)*20cm(H). Height of the amplifier’s feet is 5cm and for the protective cover is 40cm. The overall height for each channel is about 90cm.





Mingda CD player and MC2A3-PRE preamp and MC998-DW with Dali Speakers



MING DA MC300-PSE preamp and MC998-DW mono block power amps and Sonus Faber Speakers


Mingda MC2A3-PRE preamp and MC998-DW mono blocks in customer's system



The translation from the review of MC998-DW in Chinese HIGH FIDELITY magazine about the Paris Show:

In the Paris HiFi show Nov. 2013, there were about one hundred of exhibiting companies displaying their excellent products which which range from home theatre, portable player to big amplifiers and speakers that need to be moved by two men, also from the delicate products to a variety of spare parts. There were many visitors there and there was one of the busiest rooms was showing displaying the valve amplifiers made in China by Mingda.

Vistors were attracted by the beautiful melody and entering the room. The seats were all taken, so many visitors had to stand there listening and taking photos.

There were a pair of huge valve amplifiers with a height of about one meter that caught every vistor's eyes with its extraordinary glamour. The grand valve amplifiers each had a pair of huge tubes with a height of approximate 30cm and a diameter of 10cm. After consulting the exhibitors, I finally realised that it was the king of tubes, the "WE 212" which was made by Western Electric at it's peak in the 20th century. The tubes used were the stunning Chinese Replica of the WE212. I read that there were a pair of genuine WE212 in Hongkong Apliu Street HI-FI market selling at 200,000 HKD, and can be had for 150,000HKD. I was so surprised and felt so lucky that now I got the chance to hear their sound. So I found a place to squeeze myself in and then foucused on the listening.

For Capriccio Per Violino Solo NO. 5, the beginning and the end of this track contain lots of arpeggio cadenza with wide ranges. The bass and the treble were echoed and firmed. I should mentioned tha this tack can reach the highest treble of a violin. The performer was the Salvatore Accardo who was praised as "Performing Magician". These amplifiers can exploit this track to its maximum passion.

It seems that these Chinese made valve amplifiers are really excellent. They can revive the instant change of treble and bass naturally and smoothly. The treble is detailed with brightness and silkiness. The bass is so full of overtones and you can even feel the pine scent. It was vivid and makes you feel that you were just in a concert and the performers were just in your front.

The next track is the Explosion Polka Op.43 and the composer is Johann Strauss. At the beginning of the track, the 4/2 beats shows its active and energetic melody following the slight but rapid drumbeat which made my blood flow quickly with he tempo of this track. Suddenly, the sound of timpani was gradually reduced and then sneaking stealthily like and underground flame, then you feel that there is a volcano outburst in a few seconds with the unstopping, gradually increasing volume to its maximum, and then the sound ends in a big bang with the suddenness of a thunder bolt! This track is a good testing example/reference for testing the resolution and speed of the valve amplifiers and the result of this track from these valve amplifiers is that the location of instruments, depth and width of the sound stage, and its speed and dynamics of the transient of sudden changes were accurate and real and vivid, it even made some audience shout "Bravo"!

Hotel California, this track uses guitar, bass guitar, sand hammer and Conga drum with an abundance of dubbing which really is a great test for the liveliness and resolution. You can clearly hear the string-rubbing, string-kneading and its overtone. You can also feel the depth of the bass of the Conga drum and its free and smooth control of the sound. The sand hammer sound was clearly separated and vivid (An amplifier of lower resolution would make the sound stage, mixing instruments and whoops and cheers together). The special raucous sound from the singer's mouth, his breath sounds and even the sound from his chest can be heard clearly in your ears! I was totally amazed! These are really pefect amps!

I stood up and took a closer look. This preamp was Mingda MC2A3-PRE which was made by China Mei Xing Electronics Factory. There were 4 big almost spherical shaped 2A3 tubes and 2 of special onion shaped 6SN7. They were introduced as exclusive tubes made by Mingda with superior materials and big glass which can reduce the working temperature and they are obviously of a high quality. The CD player was Metronome CD8 Tube and the speakers are French Lenceintebleue full range speakers with the unit of a diameter of 32cm. I have know Mingda amplifiers made in China for many years. Their elegant design, excellent components and skilled hand manufactured are more and more popular among French audiophiles with their high performance vs costs. In the magazine Haute Fidelite in June 2012, it reported that the boss of famous Triangle speakers uses Mingda old flagship mono blocks MC300845-AB and MC300-PRE to match his own Triangle Magellan which is really a perfect paring. It received very good reviews from the audiophiles and journalists who went to have a listen.

In the same French magazine Haute Fidelite released in September 2013, I was also pleased that the distributor of Mingda in Paris France displayed MC998-DW with the Class A 45W per channel that also apllied the huge 212 tubes. After many strict and full review, it was rewarded 5 stars which is the best amp. But it was a pity that the amp had already purchased by an audiophile when I contacted the distributor and would like to have a listen.

The display of Mingda push pull 212 amps made this Hi Fi Show more interesting. It also stimulated visitors to have more passion and love for amps made in China. The distributor's showroom was awarded the one of the most popular top three rooms.

About ten days after the show, I arrived at the Paris showroom for Mingda and would like to have a careful listen to those amps. But again, more the pity as they were purchased after the show and the audiophile used them to match the Triangle Magellan worth EUR100,000.

But the owner of the shop told me that the same series of another new amp was coming next half year with the same design, but the amps applied the FU80 which is a pentode and its output power can be 80W Class A. The FU80 tubes were military tubes that used for communications and in 1950's and 1970's as they were very reliable. It is not only Class A output, but also contains Mingda's rich experience in making valve amplifiers for more than 20 years. Music lovers in France must be very excited to see the new amps later.

Napoleon once said that China is a sleeping lion, which this lion wakes up, all the world will be shivered. I believe that our great country is kind, however the science and technician growth within China in the last 30 years has grabbed the world's attention as many manufacturers and innovators are class leading.

I believe that it won't be long that the Chinese nation stands among the great nations of the world. As an overseas Chinese, I am proud of our motherland's great national strength and the praise of Chinese made products from people within western countries.







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