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Voltage Gain: 19dB Output Impedance: 600Ω
Input Sensitivity: 1000mv

Balanced input Impedance
input Impedance:

Distortion Factor: ≤0.3% Signal-to-Noises: 92dB
Power Dissipation: 75W Inputs: 5 pairs
Outputs: 2 pairs Frequency: 5Hz - 150KHz
Vacuum Tubes: (Exclusive)6SN7 x2, (Exclusive)2A3 x4
Size of outer carton: L57 x W52 x H40(cm) gross weight: 29KG

The Mingda amplifiers are always with the design of majesty and elegance. The polished 8K stainless steel chassis with thickness of 1.5mm. The Front panel is made from 10mm aluminum alloy, along with 1.5mm cold-roll steel sheet for making transformer covers. Mingda always use the best available materials. After an 80 hour burn in, the amps are again tested, for the best quality and reliability. All of the components such as resistors and capacitors are carefully selected to sound good as well as ensure longevity.

It is worth mentioning that Mingda products have both CE and CB certification and we achieved CCC in 2003, ROHS in 2011 and PSE certification in 2012. This is quite rare in the HI-FI manufacturing field.

The new 2A3-PRE uses the special shaped glass 2A3 valves/tubes made specially for us. We also use the same valve rectification as used in the MC300-PRE circuit along with a very similar circuit for the amplification side. We also use the internationally famous branded components and input transformers to produce a high quality and outstanding valve preamplifier.



Mingda CD player and MC2A3-PRE preamp and MC998-DW with Dali Speakers


MC2A3-PRE preamp with Mingda MC998-DW mono blocks in customer's system.


Mingda MC2A3-PRE and MC300845-AB power amps in customer's system.



MC2A3-PRE and Mingda MC80-AS power amps with Macintosh KTR28 speakers.



MC2A3-PRE and Mingda MC3008-A mono block power amps with Yamaha Speakers


Mingda MC2A3-PRE preamp and MC998-AB power amp in the Show in France



Mingda MC2A3-PRE preamp, Mingda MC300845-AB mono block power amps with Kira speakers


MC2A3-PRE preamplifier and Mingda MC3008-A mono blocks with Tannoy speakers







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