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Voltage Gain: 19dB Output Impedance: 600Ω
Input Sensitivity: 1000mv

Balanced input Impedance
input Impedance:

Distortion Factor: ≤0.3% Signal-to-Noises: 92dB
Power Dissipation: 75W Inputs: 5 Pairs
Outputs: 2 Pairs Frequency: 5Hz - 150KHz
Vacuum Tubes: Psvane 300B x2 ,Shuguang 274B x1,Mingda Exclusive 6SN7 x2
Net Size: W46 x D40 x H22(cm) Net weight: 24KG
Size of outer carton: L55 x W50 x H39(cm) gross weight: 28KG

I was astonished by the elegant sound of this 300B preamplifier, as well by its reasonable price. There is always room for improvement for preamp with 300B tubes, a challenge which has been mastered in this pre-amp through its workmanship. This preamp exploits all the merits of 300B tubes to the fullest. Its pricing is more than reasonable given that the cost of the used materials and the crafty workmanship. It is highly unlikely that except for the Chinese mainland, there will be a factory in the current audio world that can produce a 300B preamp to such a reasonable price with similar technical specifications.

This 300B preamp hooked up with the 300B/845 flagship mono block power amplifier, drove high sensitivity JBL speakers as well as low efficiency DYNAUDIO speakers with ease and noticeable authority. The sound of violins was audible bright and the vocals were full of emotions.

The circuitry of this preamp suggest that MC300-PRE follows a design philosophy described as "Simplicity is beauty".

It is estimated that the MC300-PRE is difficult to beat in its sound to cost ratio.



Mingda MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC3008-A and MC300-C power amps with HORN speakers


Mingda MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC998-DW mono blocks in customer's system


Mingda MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC80-AS power amps with DIATONE DS-5000 speakers


Mingda MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC3008-A power amps with mbl speakers in customer's system


Mingda MC300-PRE preamp and MC300845-AB mono blocks in customer's system


MC300-PRE preamp and Mingda MC300845-AB mono blocks with Dali Helicon 400MKII



Mingda amplifiers and MC300-PRE preamp in UK show


The review of MC300-PRE published in UK HI-FI WORLD magazine


    I was reminded by the MC300-PRE that when valve amplifiers are engineered properly, with delicated thoroughness and a deep understanding of what is and is not needed, then this is what you end up with, a sound that is stunningly good in every way describable. Kennedy’s violin has both body and richness of tone, free from the slight transistor wireness of the AMS50; his playing was dynamically expressive and the flow of his actions less mechanical than that from transistor amplifiers. Orchestral sections stood out in sharp relief from each other; each had its form and dynamic on the sound stage. Woodwinds sounding suitably solid and woody, brass having a nice sonorous rasp, free from edginess, whilst strings swelled up and ebbed down with a gentle power that was uplifting to hear. With a totally hash and hum-free background the instruments were laid out between the loudspeakers against a silent backdrop that fell away to our rear wall. But then, this is an attribute I have noticed with pre-war valves; they are silky smooth and deeply rich in delivery(attributed by one expert engineer to their unusually low current density and concomitant coloration)

    The MC300-PRE is a fabulous sounding preamplifier, that’s for sure. In the MC300-PRE you get a degree of stark clarity, dynamic strength and resolution of timbral information (valves don’t wipe out timbral cues like transistors) that is very apparent.

                                   Excerpt from HI-FI WORLD



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