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Voltage Gain: 15dB Output Impedance: 600Ω+ 600Ω
Input Sensitivity: 1000mv

Balanced input Impedance
input Impedance:

Distortion Factor: ≤0.1% Signal-to-Noises: 96dB
Power Dissipation: 75W Inputs: 3 pairs
Outputs: 4 pairs Frequency: 5Hz - 150KHz
Vacuum Tubes: 300B(Psvane) x4, 274B(Psvane) x2, 6SN7(Mingda Exclusive) x4
gross weight: 55KG Net weight: 32KG

This flagship pre-amp has been specially developed for high end valve or solid state mono block power amps. Not only does it have grand, elegant, graceful appearance, but also with the famous 300B tubes to give the balanced outputs. Designed with the power supply separated to reduce hum and noise sometimes present when you use 300B as signal amplification. The back ground is quiet with great presence of sound stage. Sound is fabulous with good tempo and dynamics. This pre-amp offers the advantages of valve amps and solid state amps together.



MING DA MC998-PRE preamp with MING DA advanced power amps in Guangzhou International Show 2015


Mingda MC998-PRE preamp & MC998-AB mono block power amps with JBL DD66000 speakers in customer's audio system.



Mingda MC998-PRE preamp and MC998-A mono blocks with customer's audio system



MING DA MC998-PRE preamp with MING DA MC80-AS in a customer's audio system with JBL speakers





Mingda MC998-PRE preamp with Mingda MC998-AB(212 push pull) mono blocks with Tannoy Kimdom Royal Carbon speakers



MC998-PRE preamp and Mingda MC998-A mono blocks with Western Electric 16A speakers



MC998-PRE with Mingda MC998-AB(Push pull 212) mono blocks with B & W speakers



MC998-PRE and Mingda MC998-AB mono blocks with Dutch Kharma Exquisite Grand speakers


MC998-PRE preamp and Mingda MC81-AS mono blocks with Dynaudio speakers



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