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It is time to present proudly a new model from our production- the MC2006 Phono stage. The MC2006 is designed around a separate power supply composed of imported OEP LP transformers and valve rectification as well as valve voltage stabilisation. This design reduces the network noise to a non audible minimum and results in a spring clean pure sound.

MM Level: 1mv MC Level: 0.1mv
MM Input Impedance: 47KΩ MC Input Impedance:: 100Ω
MM Voltage Gain: 60dB MC Voltage Gain: 80dB
MM Signal-to-Noises: 90dB MC Signal-to-Noises: 78dB
Output Impedance: 600Ω Output voltage 0.6V
Vacuum Tubes: 6N6×2 6V6×1 12AT7×1 6N11×4 12AU7×1
Net size: W15*H15*D32(CM) Net weight: 13KG
Packing size: 50Lx44Wx30H(cm) gross weight: 15kg

HI-FI WORLD 2013.5


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