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MC368-BLP integrated amp with phono stage



output power:18W *2,

output impedance: 4Ω,8Ω

input impedance: 300mV

MM input impedance:3mV

distortion factor:≤0.8%

signal to noise ratio: 92dB

frequency response range: 18Hz-50KHz±1dB

inputs: 3 pairs

outputs: 2 pairs

power consumption:190W

vacuum tubes: KT88(JJ or Psvane) *2, (EH)5U4G *1, 6SN7(exclusive) *2, 5687 *1, 12AX7 *1, 5670*2.

Net size:W * D * H=38 * 45 * 22(cm)

Net weight: 17KG


2016 has just started and Ming Da has now launched a stunning new amplifier, a truly integrated amplifier with a built in Phono stage..... the MC368-BLP. The new MC368-BLP is full of exciting features including:

1. It is handcrafted with point to point circuitry for long service life. This amp will give you loads of fun “out of the box” and for many years.

2. Class A, 16W per channel by utilizing KT88 Jinvina tubes and also featuring valve rectification, that all helps guarantee the superb sound.

3. This amp can not only has an excellent Class A amplifier, but also offers a high quality tube phono stage. You can just connect the turntable as audio input direct to the amplifier and then directly to the speakers. Much simpler to use a turntable, than having to source a separate Phono stage and amplifier..... It is also very practical, saving a lot of space in your room, in addition the amp is a highly cost effective solution.

4. The sound stage for the MM input is alive, clear with rich overtones, along with very low background noise.

5. We use Japanese Z11 silicon sheet EI laminations to build our output transformers and mains transformers to guarantee the reliability and sound quality.

6. Naturally, we supply a remote volume control for ease of use with in your listening area.


Prelude turntable made by Planalogue and Mingda MC368-BLP phono stage on the National Audio Show 2018.



MC368-BLP phono stage in UK windsor Show



Review from China HIGH FIDELITY magazine





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