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High class MC300-EAR valve Headphone amplifier with integrated(Class A)



Headphone specifiction:
Output impedance
: 8Ω,32Ω,80Ω,300Ω,600Ω
Input sensitivity:440mv
Output power:≤900mw
Signal to noise ratio:96dB
Frequency range: 19Hz-45KHz ±1dB
Valves:Psvane 300B x 2, Ruby 12AU7 x2, 5U4G x1, 6E1 x1

Integrated amp specification:
ouput power:7W x 2
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Power consumption:120W

Product description:
1.The use of high quality triode 300B in the headphone circuit results in a silky sound as expected from this triode valve. The power transformers and output transformers are handcrafted in our factory incorporating the experience of trained staff , which results in a fine tuned product with a balanced sound taking the benefits of 300B to the audible limits. This amplifier plays at level field in this market segment with other producer and offers for the discerning user a good price to performance ratio.

2.The user can chose five different impedance level outputs.

3. As usual we use only sourced high quality components such as listed below:
①Aluminum alloy chassis are curved by our numerically-controlled machines. They are not only elegant but also play an important role in shielding and mechanical decoupling.

②Four in the HIFI world for their audio properties highly acclaimed Denmark Jensen capacitors are used in this amplifier.

③The volume potentiometer is a high class step by step balanced audio attenuator and evidences no audible and measurable mechanical noise.

④Carefully selected Swiss NEUTRIK high class gold coated ear jacks in tandem with fine copper selector switches reduces fatigue noise in the distant future.

⑤Triangle knobs specially made by Meixing ensures visibility of the selector position even from a distance.

⑥High quality input and output terminals guarantee a long working life and low replacement and maintenance costs.

⑦ The Class A integrated amplifier can drive speakers of 88dB sensitivity to a maximum of 100W.


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