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gain: 14dB 
input impedance: 600Ω+ 600Ω
input sensitivity: 1000mv 
distortion factor: ≤0.1% 
balanced input impedance: 2.5K 
unbalanced input impedance: 100K
power consumption: 150W 
signal to noise ratio: 94dB 
balanced input: 1pair 
balanced output: 1pair 
unbalanced input :4pairs 
unbalanced output : 2pairs 
frequency range: 5Hz - 150KHz +0dB -1dB 
Valves: full music300BN x4, 6SN7(Jinvina) x4, Psvane 274B x2

This preamp is a new flagship of Ming Da pre-amplifiers and which is a further an enhancement of the highly respected MC300-PRE, still popular among audiophiles. It makes the concept of both balanced inputs and balance output come true!

This pre-amplifier gives stunning instrument placement and high resolution within the sound stage. This pre-amplifier is a brilliant option for both valve mono blocks and solid state power amps.



MC300-PSE in our customers' house:

My experience:

1.When I use yours preamp. MC300-PSE [insead of Cary-05] - it has dramatically improvement. The sound has more sweetness and detail.

2.When I use power amp. MC998-AB[212 Tube push pull] - the sound is grand and enormous but lessen down the sweetness.

3. I have tested with Tannoy Westminster, it is suite better more than JBL Everest DD66000.

A customer from Thailand



After a few days of careful listening, I found that the starting point of all the music I listened to, simply hit that very special spot! And as for the vocals, they also impressed me very deeply. The music is simply alive, accurate with high and incredible resolution with very good positioning in the sound stage. The treble just seems to float up ahead, the bass was deep, solid with real density, along with a sound stage is both wide with outstanding depth.

In summary, this combinations gives a strong flavor of valves with the density of solid state amp.

Mr. Zhong From Taiwan



I was so touched when my Sonus Faber's were driven by the Ming Da 212. The sound is totally classic and I am really addicted to it....Only a Mingda 212 can drive them very cleanly with exceptional agility.





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