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Advanced HIFI System of MINI Audio


1、 CD Player.
Output voltage:1.0Vrms(BNC/Coaxial)
Output impedance:75ohm.
Digital format: S/PDIF,CD
Power consumption: 10W/220V
Net size:W X D X H= 235mm X 320mm X 80mm
Net size:7KG

Output power: 12W×2
Signal to noises ratio:89dB
Inputs:two groups
Outputs:two groups
Valves: EL84×4 12AX7×2
Frequency range: 20Hz-55KHz ±1dB
Voltage available: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Net size:W X D X H= 235mm X 320mm X 80mm
Net weight:13KG.

3、MD007-1 speakers:
amplifiers power recommended:5~30W.
treble:3/4 inch diaphragm.
treble power:10W MAX
bass power:40W MAX
frequency point:3.5KHz
frequency range:60Hz~20KHz
averaged impedance:8Ω(can be connected with 4Ω or 8Ω)
Net size: 26 X 13 X 30cm
net size: 7.5KG x 2
Packaging size: L x W x H=70 x 36 x 26 cm



CD player:
1. Philip laser head. Model: CDM-1201.
2. Support 24Bit, 192K high resolution audio sampling.
3. Fully balance outputs .
4. Sturdy alloy chassis ensures good electromagnetic shielding for silent back ground.
5. Factory choice of laser system ensures durability.
6. Carefully timed servo circuit and independent crystal oscillated circuit provide accurate digital clocking.  
8. Two independent transformers supply power for the digital signal circuit and for the clock mechanism motor control simultaneously.
9. The CD display provides all necessary information 

Valve amplifier with headphone output
1. All circuits in the amp are point to point wired.
2. Power transformer and output transformer are specially handcrafted according to specs matching the other components.
3. 12W per channel can drive HIFI speakers of 50~100W. The sound is natural, soft and detailed.
4. This amplifier has a headphone output and the background is quiet and the soundstage is open and tri-dimensional..
5. The amp has an usb input as well as a DAC to utilize computer as input source.


A good match for MD007-1 speakers. The sensitivity is 92DB 50-100W.
We can provide the following audiophile cables on request.
American impact interconnect cable:1 pair.
Americal silver sonic speaker cable:1 pair.
One-to-two audio interconnect cable:1 pc.
USB input cable which used to connect computer:1pc.

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